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Company Profile:
Shanghai Satake Cool-Heat & Control Technique Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Satake") was founded in 1995, is a Sino-Japanese joint venture high-tech enterprise. Operating the fields of design and development of the hot and cold product testing equipment and environmental control equipment to meet the needs of domestic and foreign clients in all aspects of the product development, quality control and scientific research. The product has a high degree of automation and the use of high efficiency, high accuracy and reproducibility of high and high reliability.

Satake technology and market share in the Chinese market is an industry-leading level, and aspires to become a world-class hot and cold control technology company.

1998, Satake rated as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

In 2007, Satake through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification Career Planning:
For graduating students graduate, the company established a comprehensive training and development mechanism let you gradually grow into the backbone of the the Satake management team or professional technical team.
Satake is in a period of rapid development, whether it is a technical personnel or management talent can give enough space to allow you to depict their future career development blueprint.
Recruitment departments: R & D center / project department / Marketing Training direction: Project Manager; 2. Systems engineer; 3. Electrical engineers; 4. Software engineers; 5. Sales engineers; 6 other management positions Job requirements: the national entrance examination undergraduate and above 2018 graduates.

Required professional: heat and power engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, mechatronics, electrical engineering and automation, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, automation, equipment engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, industrial design, engineering, engineering thermal physics, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering, HVAC, books, and intelligence, Japanese. Quality requirements:
1 various job categories related undergraduate degree or above;
2 English CET-4, CET-6 priority; with good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
3 proficiency in office automation software.

Scholarship / student leaders / party members with priority given; Benefits:
Security: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, medical insurance, etc.
Caring: holiday condolences fees, annual physical examination, meals, birthday gifts, transportation allowance, etc.
Health: annual leave, travel vacations, activities funding, cultural and sports activities, etc.
Surprise: the end of the year award, the excellent staff award, vocational training, abroad cultivation Satake will provide you with:

1, competitive remuneration packages in the industry;
2, improve training programs and individual career development system;
3, a relaxed working environment and humane management;
4, the colorful energetic staff activities.

Job Title: Executive Chairman sales desk
Work Location: Shanghai - Pudong New Area, number of recruits: 1 Age: 30 years old
Women, regular full-time university undergraduate (on the outside, East China Normal University, priority); Japanese one (with the ability to interpret); CET.
2 positive work attitude, things careful, practical, strong sense of responsibility, a strong sense of service, better teamwork.
3. Skilled OFFICE software.

Work experience is not limited to; 2 years sales experience is preferred back office or administrative positions. Main responsibilities:
1. Completion of the company to arrange for the administrative work, such as: Front call here, data production, translation, and so on.
2 to assist the business department. Responsible for customer information consolidation, contract and order processing, and the needs of the project department, purchasing department and workshop tracking the progress of the project in accordance with the customer.

Please send your resume, relevant documents and a recent photograph Email to me:
recruitment email:hr@sh-satake.com

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