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Address:No. 108, Chen Chun Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

  •   Psychrometric Calorimeter

  •   Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter

  •   Air Conditioner System Calorimeter

  •   Multi-split Psychrometric Calorimeter

  •   Environment Test Chamber for Air Conditioner

  •   Air Conditioner Performance Test Chamber

  •   Air Conditioner Endurance Test Chamber

  •   Anechoic Chamber

  •   Noise Subjective Evaluation Test Chamber for Air Conditioner

  •   Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger Calorimeter

  •   Air Conditioner Compressor Calorimeter

  •   Air Conditioner Compressor Endurance Test Bench

  •   Air Conditioner Compressor Noise Test Bench

  •   Single-tube Calorimeter

  •   Refrigerator and Freezer Calorimeter

  •   Fan Performance Test Bench

  •   EMC Test Chamber

  •   Expansion Valve Test Bench

  •   Heat Pump Water Heater Calorimeter

  •   Condensing Unit Calorimeter
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